This instructable is about my awesome mini knex gun. it was the first knex gun i've ever made but since i made it i have improved it a little. hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:
-3 orange connectors (mine are brown because i was out of orange)
-2 Y clips
-4 light gray double connectors in the shape of a triangle
-3 single gray connectors
-3 blue rods
-1 white rod
-little green pieces for ammo
-and as many elastics as you would like (i use 3)

Step 2: The Main Body and Trigger

build what you see below. i know most people don't like block triggers but this guns' power and shot length makes up for the trigger. the first pic is just the first step then you add the blue rod you don't make 2 body's.

Step 3: Handle

build as you see below, just 2 different views. the black things on the brown connectors are the Y clips

Step 4: Ram Rod

build what you see below

Step 5: Loading and Firing

push the ammo in the front end, pull the rod back, and push in the trigger in to fire
<p>It's awesome! What do you recommend for ammunition? I've been using smaller k'nex pieces, but I want to find the optimal projectile to fire.</p>
Please don't post stuff like this. At least give it a true trigger and bullet lock.&nbsp;
the bullet doesen't fall out, the gun is small and powerful for its size, and i like it so be quiet and don't look at it if you don't want to
I'm saying posting stuff like this is pointless. Surely anyone could've made it without the instructions. I heard you had a mag-fed pistol. Post that, it'll be much better and people won't see you as a n00b
<p>Some people have no previous knowledge in knex, And would not be able to build it. What about them?</p>
i done it and i found out you can make it in to a crossbow
i thouht it was the small knex and got muddled owell i have big and small<br>
never add to many rubber bands or els the gamer could snap i tried
Yes it will. I used about 3 elastic bands.
what other instructables do you have like simple guns
my bow is fairly simple and powerful
Why did you need to post this? anyone could make a gun almost exactly like this in about 10 seconds if they wanted to. are instructions really needed?
this one has a nice block trigger and, i can post whatever i want, if u dont like it dont look at it
You did not answer my question. I asked if instructions for this gun are really needed? we already have <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/mini-knex-gun-1/">this gun</a> which is more or less the same thing as the gun here. Then there's the fact that I am sure you are capable of building things way better then this. all this gun does is make you look like you don't want to try. <br/><br/>You can build and post anything you want, but just because you have that right does not mean you have to post each and every gun you make, no matter how bad. If you want anyone here to like you, you should try making better guns.<br/>
that gun is a lefty mines a righty. jk. ok ok ill post my pistol with a 10 shot mag then. it'll take awhile though
your gun is awesome thanks
no problem
no problem, im glad you like it
i just removed my comment cuz it didn't fit there
I dare you two to make it, see how powerful it is, and how comfy the block trigger is, <em>then</em> tell me your results and rate it<br/>
well i like it alot and it's the perfect hidden weapon in a knex war because it so powerful for it's size
Please don't post these simple guns.

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