small knex gun, please rate 5 and follow

Step 1: Main Barrel

1. Build half of the barrel

2. Add a blue rod

3. Making the trigger

4. Another picture

Step 2: The Handle


this is simple so i dont think i need to make a over review

Step 3: Firering Pin, and Handle

easy peasy (-:

Step 4: Ammunition

Almost done!

Step 5: Finished

congratz youre done!

<p>It's not like we already have tons of simple block trigger guns on this site...<br>Try looking around the next time, see what kind of mechanisms are good, learn from other builders etc. But don't post the same old thing that's been around since 2006.</p>
<p>thanks for the nice comments it my first instructable</p>
Cool, but I would try to get a replacement for the block trigger. Overall nice job though. :)
<p>Nice photos!</p>
<p>Nice photos!</p>
<p>Nice photos!</p>
<p>Nice photos!</p>

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