Yanyboys Mini Knex Hand Gun(true Trigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!)v1.1





Introduction: Yanyboys Mini Knex Hand Gun(true Trigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!)v1.1

About: well im always in the world of the mastrios yannyboy here is my top ten list of my favorite users: 1.Barrax(proly cause of ure mosin) 2.Slime Q Slimedog 3.Viccie.B1993 4.The_burrito_master 5.Knex_builder_f...

This is one of the smallest knex mini true trigger guns. It has a lovely grip and it has pretty good power.

here are all the pieces listed:
7 yellow connectors
8 red connectors
1 white connector
7 dark grey connectors
2 two way grey connectors
2 Y connectors
2 blue spacers
2 grey spacers
4 white rods
2 blue rods
2 yellow rods
1 blue clips
and finaly 1 ball joint

and comment!"!!!!

Step 1: The Ram

follow the pictures to make the ram

Step 2: The Handle

this step is very easy

Step 3: The Barrel

very simple just follow

Step 4: The True Trigger

pretty cool trigger.

Step 5: Put It All Together

put it all together and there u are

Step 6: My Trigger

by the way if you post an instructable with my trigger on it can u pleade credit me or if it has a an orange connector on it do the same. oh yeah i almost fogot!shall i post my true semi autto handgun?



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    you should have skipped that part then! lol XD
    i do realize you posted this 3 yrs ago

    hahaha, it has been a few years since i played/used Knex, i have since moved onto airsoft, but i still have this knex, and now i want to sell it :P

    People keep saying thins about "let's put this on the list" hats the list and can you tell me the site?!

    This is awesome. I dont have knex :( but my buddies do, so i will ask them if i can make it lol. this is sick

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