Mini "laptop" Made With Lichee Pi Zero





Introduction: Mini "laptop" Made With Lichee Pi Zero

You can DIY a mini "laptop" with Lichee Pi Zero in 5min!

It's on indiegogo now!

Step 1: Prepare a Lichee Pi Zero ($6)

Lichee Zero is an SD-size, 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 board, about $6.

It is cute, powerful, and friendly to newbee.

you can refer more details in hackaday:

Step 2: Connect Lichee Pi Zero to 5 Inch 800x480 LCD (~$14)

Lichee Pi Zero can directly connect to LCD, it make things simple~

Step 3: Stick Lichee Pi Zero and Li-ionBattery(~$4.5) on the Back of LCD

Lichee Pi Zero is so small that you can simple stick it every where! no screw needed!

Step 4: Stick Holder&LCD Behind the Wireless Keyboard,and Package LCD

just use black tap to package LCD, make it more compact。

Step 5: Done! Power on & Play!

Lichee Pi Zero support debian and RASPBIAN system just like a real laptop! Enjoy it!



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    It's gone from indiegogo and no comments about what happened on the project page.

    what's the "source" means? the signal source or source code?

    It's RGB interface LCD, and can be transfer to LVDS/HDMI/VGA.

    What supplier do you use for the LCD?

    a ssupplier in shenzhen. the lcd price raise much last year...

    I designed and soldered it ^_^

    It will on indiegogo today

    Where do I find the keyboard.