Picture of Mini-paper-Moog
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A papercraft model to assemble the famous (and now re-valued) Mini-Moog, with its foldable panel.http://www.jamondelmar.com/deposito/mini_paper_moog.pdf

Step 1: What you need

You have to download the pdf model from http://www.jamondelmar.com/deposito/mini_paper_moog.pdf
You have to PRINT it, and cut it.

Note: straight lines ( _ ) are for cutting, but dotted lines (- - -) are for folding

And you also will need:
GLUE (it can be any glue for paper, but you have to be careful with the quantity. I suggest you have a little PAINTBRUSH to distribute the glue properly)
CUTTER (any model, but not rotative)
PLIERS (a little one; you can use an old depilate pliers)
acaz936 years ago
it's so cool! , i think i can cram an APC inside there , it would be awesome !
aniat (author)  acaz936 years ago
It would be really really cool! Just let me know if you do, please! btw: I have a noize generators blog: www.ruidotronics.blogspot.com
aniat (author) 6 years ago
Thank you!
Notice me when you do it, please

I have made an istrument called Cinthy with a 40106, see and hear it in youtube: