Hehe this is kinda cool and fun to make. Also good for if you're going camping for a couple days. You can make it all with things you find around the house.

This is very quick and simple. It really only takes about 5 minutes (not counting how long it takes your glue gun to heat up)

Thanks, ShielaAngel for this idea! And the idea for my other pocket sized instructable

Step 1: What You Need

You'll need:
  • A hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Water bottle
  • Cardboard
  • Something to poke holes with. I used a thumbtack
I might suggest you keep the cardboard solid (no poke holes!) and poke the holes in the cap instead. Use a small piece of Saran wrap or a thin piece aluminum foil to use under the capped end to seal it so it doesn't spill in transit (when packed up in a bag or purse or pocket... Could use a hot needle/ice pick or a tiny drill bit. When done salting, unscrew lid and place the wrap or foil over the opening and screw the lid back on. Just a thought...
I did poke holes in the cap instead :) Saran wrap or foil would definitely be a good thing to have so salt doesn't get everywhere.
Heyy! That's smart :) Cool idea, these must be ideal for camping & co. and definitely very light, too! Why don't you join the (Keep the Bottle) Contest?
Thanks, I was thinking of camping when I made this :D I think there's a certain time when you have to had made the instructable so this isn't eligible, otherwise I totally would.
I think what would be a bit cooler was if you took an old cd case or something for the bottom. That way A) it wasn't a cardboard (so thus it could be cleaned if nothing else) and B) It would be transparent and look a bit cooler when in use. And seriously, who doesn't have some empty cd cases around?
That would definitely make it better! I think nearly everyone has at least one empty CD case, I have a whole bunch.
Nice idea Sunbanks! Hahahaha: This is glitter. I had it by my desk and didn't want to go to the kitchen to get salt. :P
Nice and simple! i love it. however i dont think thats glitter, i think its magic salt? im right arnt i?
no your wrong.its magic FAIRY DUST!!!!!!!!
Fairy dust, magic salt, same difference!
nice simple and i like it.o i found that you need to make the holes bigger for papper.cuz it tends to clog

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