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Introduction: Mini Salt Shaker

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Hehe this is kinda cool and fun to make. Also good for if you're going camping for a couple days. You can make it all with things you find around the house.

This is very quick and simple. It really only takes about 5 minutes (not counting how long it takes your glue gun to heat up)

Thanks, ShielaAngel for this idea! And the idea for my other pocket sized instructable

Step 1: What You Need

You'll need:
  • A hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Water bottle
  • Cardboard
  • Something to poke holes with. I used a thumbtack

Step 2: Cut

Cut the top off the bottle and trim up the edges so it looks nice and is easy to glue the cardboard to the part of the bottle.

Step 3: Circle

Trece a circle around the neck of the bottle and cut it out.

Step 4: Glue

Glue the cardboard to the bottom of the bottle neck. Make sure you don't miss any spots.

Step 5: Thumbtack Time!

Poke holes in the lid. I used a thumbtack but you may want to use something that makes bigger holes.

Step 6: Fill It Up

Now fill it up with whatever you're going to put in it. If you want to travel with this then you should put duct tape over the holes.

Step 7: The End!

I hope you make one of these, they work well for glitter too, not just salt. If you have any questions just ask!



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    I might suggest you keep the cardboard solid (no poke holes!) and poke the holes in the cap instead. Use a small piece of Saran wrap or a thin piece aluminum foil to use under the capped end to seal it so it doesn't spill in transit (when packed up in a bag or purse or pocket... Could use a hot needle/ice pick or a tiny drill bit. When done salting, unscrew lid and place the wrap or foil over the opening and screw the lid back on. Just a thought...

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    I did poke holes in the cap instead :) Saran wrap or foil would definitely be a good thing to have so salt doesn't get everywhere.

    Heyy! That's smart :) Cool idea, these must be ideal for camping & co. and definitely very light, too! Why don't you join the (Keep the Bottle) Contest?

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    Thanks, I was thinking of camping when I made this :D I think there's a certain time when you have to had made the instructable so this isn't eligible, otherwise I totally would.

    I think what would be a bit cooler was if you took an old cd case or something for the bottom. That way A) it wasn't a cardboard (so thus it could be cleaned if nothing else) and B) It would be transparent and look a bit cooler when in use. And seriously, who doesn't have some empty cd cases around?

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    That would definitely make it better! I think nearly everyone has at least one empty CD case, I have a whole bunch.

    Nice idea Sunbanks! Hahahaha: This is glitter. I had it by my desk and didn't want to go to the kitchen to get salt. :P

    Nice and simple! i love it. however i dont think thats glitter, i think its magic salt? im right arnt i?

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    nice simple and i like it.o i found that you need to make the holes bigger for papper.cuz it tends to clog