Step 13: Transplant when ready

Picture of Transplant when ready
The lid can be propped open on warm days.
After the seedlings are big enough, transplant, pot and all. The roots will grow straight through the cardboard which will break down quickly in the soil.
jlyvers7432 years ago
What a wonderful idea and very well explained, thank you!
ClareBS (author)  jlyvers7432 years ago
Thanks, it's my most popular instructable!
Incredible simple, but excellent idea. Will plant my pomegranate seed, Thank you.
ClareBS (author)  chalespinosa3 years ago
Thanks for your comment and good luck with your pomegranate seed.
Good idea! When planting the seedlings you have to make sure all of the cardboard is buried. Otherwise it will evaporate the water around it,thus damaging the roots.
hyazzie3 years ago
annnnnd done! this was suuper easy and fun thanks:)
what a smart idea. Thanks I am going to do this, i hate throwing away the plastic berry containers.