Need small shelfspace for your desk and want to do something with that cardboard box? Make mini-shelf out of it!

For this instructable you'll need:
* A knife capable of cutting cardboard
* A rectangular cardboard box you don't need for anything else (such as that box where your last internet order came in)

I assume you know that knives can be sharp and give nasty cuts if used improperly and that you know to be careful when using them. That being said, let's get started!

Step 1: Mini-shelf: Removing the Flaps From the Box

In this step you cut away the flaps that closed the box. Make sure you only remove the flaps from one side of the box (unless you want a see-through shelf)

Cut through the fold between the flap and the side of the box. Pay attention on how you cut because it will define what the front of your mini-shelf will look like. Repeat this for the other flaps and keep the opposite flaps together.
<p>simple, easy and quick. Something i was looking for. Thank you :-)</p>

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