ok today i am going to show you how to make a mini spud ( by mini i dont mean by one of those spud guns made from chap sticks i mean a spud gun with a half inch barrel.

ok since this spud gun is really held together by tape, it can explode so wear safety gloves, earplugs, and safety glasses.
i dont take any responsibility if you do get harmed by this gun, i also do not take responsibility if u harm other people or things.

sorry for the bad picture quality.

and for those who think i copyed it off youtube. i didnt because i made this before i saw the vid on youtube.

plz leave a comment.

Step 1: What You Will Need:

1x plastic peanut butter container.(or in my case a stock container but i highly recommend a peanut butter jar).
1x gatorade bottle top
1x pvc pipe barrel any sixe you want just as long as it isnt bigger then the gatorade bottle top.
2x thumbtacks
1x lighter ignitor
Boxing tape and electrical tape
and scissors
you might also need a knife.
<p>ummmmm this isnt really small and could cause some serious damage</p>
if you use a pen tube as the barrel you can shoot nerf darts with some pretty high force!<br><br>...i thought it was pretty cool.
you want to be careful though. the force is made by flame and it could melt the bullets. so just be careful :) <br>
the only thing stopping me from making this is the igniter :( is there any substitute for that? maybe if I just take a battery, stick it to a capacitor, stick that to a switch then... never mind<br /> <br /> you inspired me to make another instructable :D<br /> <br />
there are some really cheap lighters at the dollar store with ignitors in them, the only hard part is finding them, but lots of dollar stores are carrying jet lighters now, and jet lighters have what youre looking for.
You can buy a Electric lighter at walmart for 75 cents, then just rip out the ignitor
heres an idea, use a<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solenoid#Electromechanical_solenoids"> solenoid</a> to touch the two ends of the capasitor together, rather than poke stick through the barrel to make a spark.<br> solenoidsare basicaly like motors, but instead of going spining when electricity passes through them, they push or pull the shaft, now correct me if im wrong, but doesnt a camera cap spark generatre quite a bit of heat? a bbq peizo does not do this to the air, but if the spark travels through a fuel, it will heat the fuel, a cap spark is much hotter and powerful, it will definitely ignite the fuel in your gun, even if theres too much or too little, but youll know that when the shot is tiny.<br> hope i helped
buy it..
perhaps a mechanism could be used to boil the achohol away, as hot vapour wont melt the plastic, something like a glow mplug, wont ignite it, this could fill a hand pump, to deliver, precise amounts of fuel, as i would guess, its hard to get the spray to air mix correct for this to work, as the smaller spud guns like this, cant combust as easy as the larger ones
The only thing stopping me is the fuel! I have different plans for the igniter, but I still have no fuel :( &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Could I use alcohol for the fuel? Maybe I should just go for the pneumatic spud gun, but I still have no pump :( So many problems...&nbsp;
noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! <br> <br>alcohol will dissolve the pvc , so will hairspray, go safe , use butane, or propane if you can. but a mixture of the two, such as found in hair spray is best. <br> <br>if using hair spray please use an anti liquid pray filter, it only allows the gas out, but traps most of the dangerous liquids that melt your potato gun
do I look like I want a muzzle-loading gun? I'm going breach-loading with that piece of PET (the bottle). I just vaporize the alcohol in the bottle then it won't dissolve anything now will it?
yes, good point that is true, it wont dissollve it immedately, but will none the less, ide advise to anyone who plans on using gasolene or alchohol as their fuel, if their using it in a pvc potato launcher, please, before you do this, coat the inside of your spudgun with wax. even evapourated alchohol and gasolene still will weaken the pvc, eventually you will get a bubble effect, internally, and then the spudgun will explode. <br> <br>this happend with a friend, he wasnt hurt, but he realised what could have happend if he was. <br>anywho, to prevent this just coat the inside with wax, or if your superserious on PERMANANTLY using your potato lucher, using alchohol or gasolene as a fuel, vapourise plastic and have it coat the inside. <br> <br>to do thsis is quite simple, for wax, just put a hell of a lot of cotton in a wax candle that has melted, light it up so you get a very big flame, then place some kind of weak oxidizer on it, like powderd potasium nitrate (just to keep it smoking after its blown out), then blow it out and instantly place it inside your sealed barrel, at this time the candle (which must be in a metal holder of some sorts), should be rather hot, it will produce alot of smaoke, which is wax vapur, it will collect of the sides of you spud gun, hooray , longer lasting spud gun. <br> <br>now i know wax dissolves in gasolene, but when like thart cannot combust, under the exploding conditions inside the spud gun. <br>basically youll know when your spud gun would normally be melting inside when the wax becomes runny or gooey. yes, this will make it last for a long time, and is recomended for those complex multi-part potato launchers that are made in countries without the riddiculously large reducers avalible in america, so basiclly, complex ones, this is what its for, also sugar works ok too, but its hard to tell if its water or fual making it gooey, when in humid conditions.
hey you can use hair spray for this type of gun
I knew that since.... 3 months ago? it's just that a shortage of hairspray is also giving me problems.
hahaha yeah, i was just saying....lol my brother had one and it was hairspray powered and it was awesome...haha i should make one soon.
hey!! sorry for a late reply but i probably think you have figured out what to use but anyway ill still answer your question =]. well i had the same situation as you =[ ran out of lynx....... so i used metho........(alchol) and the damn thing blew up in my hands rofl but no harm done i was wearing my gloves =] and about that ignitor i think that would work lol and i really love that i have inspired you to make an instructable =]. peace. =]
thanks, but I sort of forgot about where I put those blueprints :( real world responsibilities got the better of me. but I do still remember the capacitor thing :D
Why not just small pieces of scrap PVC and some reducers? the glue and primer isn't THAT expensive...
thats freaky i already used a stock container before i watched this vid........ but i put on a narrower longer barrel and it shot a sinker through my shed.....lol
wow!! nice dude!
you mean a fishing line sinker<br />
just use any container you want but if you want to know the best one (1 step down from a pvc canon) use a fish food container they are solid large and air tight and shoot a peice of potato 200m
I used an M&M mini tube for my container
really you just need somwthing with a hole on the bottom with endcap and yes i take this thing to skool lol an shoot students.
that is actually kinda cool, the xtra cool thing about it is that u can take it almost anywhere
Cool!Wish I had a peanut butter jar.

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