Mini Spud Launcher





Introduction: Mini Spud Launcher

The Mini Spud Launcher launches tiny bits of potato. The good thing about this project is it is all under $5. This project is small but it gets about 18-20 feet of range.

Step 1: Parts

You will need:
1 bicycle pump (preferred foot pump)
1 bicycle tire stem
1 1/2" pvc threaded end cap
1 1/8"  brass nipple (1.5 to 2" long)
1 1/2" to 1/8" brass reducer

Step 2: Brass Connection

Take the brass nipple and your reducer and screw them together

Step 3: Bike Stem

Take the threaded cap and cap drill a hole big enough for the bike stem. After you drill the hole put the stem through the hole.

Step 4: Pump Hook Up

Hook your Mini Spud Launcher up to a pump

Step 5: Finished Product

Then your done.



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    The brass screws into the pvc end cap so you would probably need to use brass.

    Not to be mean or anything... but...
    this isn't a spud gun
    A spud gun uses combustion of usually air freshener in a chamber to propel it out
    If it is using air pressure, it is called a pneumatic airgun, and no launching potatoes does not make it a spud gun
    Good job though :D

    U can use pvc as well but dont put the pressure too high, plus, I dont think People make 1/8" PVC

    cool instructable, that gave me the inspiration to add this to my multi-cannon!!!!!!!!

    there is no valve the the potato launches when it is ready (you can add a valve if you want to).

    This sounds like a lot of fun! Where's the valve (how do you release air into the chamber)?