Mini Stage/scene With Light Show!!





Introduction: Mini Stage/scene With Light Show!!

Finally a contest that is open to people form Norway!! 

check the How to make "Mini Stage with Amazing lightshow" on YouTube here:

This is my mini stage/scene to play with very easy to make this, but it is not done in 5 min.  tanks for looking, any questions about the stage/scene feel free to ask!!

P.S: please don`t mind my language/way of speak, I am from Norway!!



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    Great video. :-)

    You should really make a step by step Instructable showing everyone how you wired your project (including a circuit drawing).

    I think it would get a lot of views if you gave detailed instructions with some good photos that teach others how to make what you did.

    Thanks for the god tips!! I will do that!!

    You're welcome. :)

    I look forward to seeing the step by step Instructable.
    (I'm also "following" you now, so I will get a message when you post something new).

    Have a great day.

    Hope you are happy with the new video ! linked!

    Awesome Project!!! Very Original Lol

    I mimiced your project but added some real speakers, audience area, and different LED positionment.

    This is the unfinished version without the speakers:

    Lol Bad Video Quality and Background Noise lol I know

    Great crcarlos, glad I could inspire you make it!!