Picture of Mini temporary trash bin.
No reason  to waste plastic bags like the ones you get from the grocery store your groceries come in.  Also do not want to dirty up a bowl for refuse from cooking in the kitchen. This is just a little project I came up with. Hope you enjoy it.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
7 - Large same size coat hangers. (Thinner ones are a lot easier to bend.
1 or more - Plastic bags.

Step 2: Prepping the rings

Picture of Prepping the rings
Cut off the heads.
Take one and bend it into a circle.
You want to make the circle just smaller than the bag is opened.
Then add about an inch for connecting the two ends in a circle.
Make two more like it based on the original pattern for a total of three.
Connect the ends on each one and bend back the ends so they become hooked together.
hold all three circles together and bend them so they are roughly the same..

Step 3: Prep the uprights.

Picture of Prep the uprights.
Cut off the heads of the hangers if you have not already done so.
Measure the height of the bag to where you want to fold it over and then add a inch or so for bends in the coat hangers
I think ours were 15 inches.

Step 4: Making the cage.

Picture of Making the cage.
take one of te straight tines and connect it to one of the cricles.
About seven inches up, wrap the coat hanger around te second circle. Needs to be small as possible.
then at the height of the bag, minus the 1 or so inc for fallover. connect  them.
Repeat till all four uprights are attached.

Step 5: Put it to work.

Picture of Put it to work.
This project could be fancied up a bit. If you are just moving into somewhere, you are fixing to move out and everything is packed up, or you just need something till you can get a good garbage pail it is perfect. it is a nice little utensil for camping out also!.