Introduction: Mini Tiny 9v Flash Light

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A mini tiny Flashlight.

Step 1: Materials

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  1. 1x 9v Battery
  2. 1x Toggle Switch
  3. 1x 0.1uf Capacitor (Optional)
  4. 1x 330 ohm Resistor (Value depending on your led)
  5. 1x PCB/Breadboard/Peferboard
  6. 1x Led (You choose the color)

Step 2: Circuit

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Buid the circuit!

Step 3: PCB

If you want use PCB here are some pdf files to ech.

Step 4: Done!

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Your mini led flashlight.


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Bio: I like eletronics, AVR's and 555timers. Mini Pumpkins! I also love jerky & ☕️.
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