Picture of Mini v Mac on on Mac where made for each other Awwwwww.
I Will show you how to put mini v mac on your mac the easy you and yes i have a real mac................but the Some Keys do not work on the keyboard. that not my room that's my grandmothers computer room.

Step 1: Downloads page

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erikals5 years ago
nice mac

i like all the stickers on it :)
moussino1226 years ago
well i've tried but i dont understand what you're talking about... it will be better if you explain more in your next instructable
gmjhowe7 years ago
Suggestions - explain what mini v mac is please, - more steps showing how to use it. - a bit more in the way of words,
I agree, lol I'm totally confused.
powercamg4 (author)  aliceownsj007 years ago
mini vmac is a emulater of the erllyer macs like mac os 7.1 see my other one on my page about mini vmac the other mini vmac