Step 1: Design

Download 3D files

Step 2: Electronics

1xArduino nano v3.0

4xServomotor Sg9

1xportabattery 4xAA

1x bluetooth module HC-06

1x ultrasonics module HC-SR04

1x protoboard

Step 3: SoftWare

Download Software and intall "Zowi_Base_v2" for the smartphone control or "smooth_criminal" for the dance.

Paste the libraries in the arduino libraries folder.

Step 4: Control App

Download Zowi App and configure the bluetooth module with "hc06_bt_config" in the files previous. Connect and play.

Step 5: Dance

<p>HI, DO YOU HAVE A CODE FOR CONECT OTTO WITH BLUETOOH + APPS?</p><p>How I do it? please, I make my Otto, Thank for you, but I need More. </p><p>Can you help me Please.</p>
Hi, you can find the links to download the software and the App here: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/MiniZowi-Bluetooth-Dancer-Controled-Robot/" rel="nofollow">Instructables</a>&nbsp;(steps 3 and 4) or here: <a href="https://brico3d.blogspot.com/2016/09/minizowi-una-version-de-zowi-de-bq.html" rel="nofollow">Blogger </a>(all links at the end).
<p>First and foremost, this is a cool project . I 've already ordered all the parts so when they come in I can start building .</p><p>But the stl files I've downloaded are not the same as those in your images. Can you upload the latest version of the 3D files please .</p><p>thanks in advance</p><p>Howy</p>
<p>Nice! you created a new dance very close to Beyonce :D</p>
<p>good job keep it up.But pls add more detail</p>
<p>Cool work . I want to make it..</p>

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