Introduction: Mini Fishing Kit

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Here is a super simple mini fishing kit for fresh and salt water.
Here is another good thing to keep with this kit. Go Here

Step 1: Get the Stuff!

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3 small hooks
3 bigger hooks
some fake bait
2 lures
fishing line
gba game case
rubber band
small hook connector

Step 2: Put It All Together

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make it fit

Put the fishing line on top of the case and rubber band closed.

Step 3: Test It.

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Grab your pole, bait, and go fishing. good luck.


tuckerton296 (author)2010-07-18

if you going to use fakebait, use something like grub that smell like fish. redular fake bate doesent do the trick

this is just something i threw together for a simple carry fishing kit, its just one less thing you have to carry you can use whatever bait you want.

bubba j (author)2009-03-03

dude i made one b4 i saw this and we have the EXACT same stuf

this is all that you will really need

Lazyazz430 (author)2009-02-23

thats a beyblade

it was

JamesRPatrick (author)2008-08-28

Also, swap the Swiss for a utiliy razor.

JamesRPatrick (author)2008-08-28

I think you should ditch the spool and wrap the line directly around the box(cut a groove, maybe?), then secure with a perpendicular rubber band.

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