Have You heard of Miniature Wonderland?  It is the world's biggest HO model railroad and is located in Hamburg, Germany.  They have a massive car system and the whole thing is full of secrets of how they did it.  They have a article on their site, but it's not that descriptive.  Luckily, I took the time to look through their descriptions and figured out how I think it was done.

Step 1: Materials

Here is what you will need.

Faller Car System:
Vehicles of your choice
Any Other Accessories You Would Like (You can make your own after completing this article)
If you are reading this after 9/13, get the Car System Digital 3.0
At the time of writing, the digital system 3.0 is not available.
Beware the links above are in German.  Click the USA flag at the top to get it in English.
There may be more items you will need as you go through this article but that is all that is needed to get started.
@OogieMustBoogie I will post more details soon. I had to pause the project due to money and time. I would also love some details on your project. Do you think you could post some details on your project? I would love to add that to my layout too.
<p>I think I'll just create an instructable after I finish the project (which could take a while for the same reasons as yours)</p><p>It won't be automatic like the car system, the ships will be radio control </p><p>When it comes to making things automatic that do the same thing constantly, my understanding begins to get hazy</p><p>The ships at the Wunderland are completely on their own (not RC) except they don't automatically charge themselves</p>
<p>The Miniatur wunderland is awesome!</p><p>I'm currently working on recreating their ship-system </p><p>This is an excellent version of their car charging system, but can you into more detail on the construction of the rig?</p><p>I'm considering giving the car system a try</p><p>Thanks</p>

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