Hello again,

So I decided to make some miniature bottle sculptures by sticking tiny train figurines into them (and onto them).  I had this idea some time ago of creating  little melancholy scenes inside glass bottles.  The following ible' is what I came up with.  I 'm going  to make a whole bunch of different ones, but these are the first 2 that i came up with.

These aren't too hard to make but can be fiddly at times.  My next mission is to find some more train miniatures which have better refined features and actions.


Step 1: Things to Gather

1. Miniature train figurines – eBay
2. Miniature bottles – eBay
3. Matches
4. Music wire
5. Plastic bb bullets - eBay

1. Super glue
2. Needle nose pliers
3. Stanley knife
4. Wire cutters
5. Lighter
<p>marlelous idea, well done </p>
<p>marlelous idea, well done </p>
<p>marlelous idea, well done </p>
ur cute there cute so use all win
<p>these are just too cute. add an eyepin and jump ring to the cork and you've got an easy and simple pendant necklace. an alternative to the bullets would be to use beads and fill the hole with glue and then stick the wire through the holes partially. thanks for the wonderful idea.</p>
I really want to do this. This is one of the coolest things on here.
I think I will be doing some work with this idea in the future. Thanks for the inspiration:D
Any time.
What scale figurines did you use?
The figures are around 10mm high. Their 1/150 scale or size &quot;Z&quot; in model railway talk. <br> <br>I have added another photo with them next to a matchbox to help give you an indication of size.
nice job :-)
Awesome! I can't wait to see what else you do with the little figurines!
Cheers Penolopy. I'm looking around for some miniature animals to stick in them next. I'd love to get a giraffe!
They are fantastic - I would have never of thought of doing something like this!
Excellent work! miniatures are awesome :D

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