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Introduction: Miniature Crayons

These miniature crayons really work and they are great for dollhouses. I looked all over the internet searching for crayons for my dollhouse, but everything I found was made out of polymer clay. I wanted crayons that would actually work for a miniature coloring book, so I started testing lots of different designs. First I tried to make my mini-crayons out of a mold, but the all wax crayons were extremely brittle. Next, I used sanded toothpicks as a base and dipped those into the crayon wax, but they came out way too thick! That was when I finally decided to use sanded spaghetti strands, which turned out pretty well. 

Step 1: Materials Needed

Crayons (Preferably Crayola)
extra fine sandpaper
exacto knife
clear glue

Step 2: Prepare Spaghetti Stick

1. Snap off the right length from the spaghetti strand
2. Use sandpaper to sharpen one end of the stick

Step 3: Remove Crayon Paper Skin

1. Use an exacto knife to remove the paper cover by cutting on the line on the back
2. Remove the inner waxy layer carefully, so you have a very thin paper cover that you can later use to cover your crayons

Reasons why it is important to remove this paper:
*The waxy inside of the cover will seal onto the crayon if it is exposed to the heat of the candle, making it much harder to remove later
*The paper might catch on fire
* It is harder to evenly melt the crayon when the paper cover is still attached 

Step 4: Melt Crayon and Shape Mini Crayon

1. Get the crayon melty in the candle--just enough so a drop of wax is almost about to drip into the candle.
2. Immediately drop the wax droplet onto the sharpened end of the spaghetti stick. Twirl the stick to evenly distribute the wax. It should be a pretty thin layer.
3. Get the crayon melty again, just like before. Now drop this droplet below the tip of your mini-crayon and twirl it, so it creates a thicker rim around the tip. 
4. Get the crayon melty again. Now drop a smaller droplet onto the other end of the stick. allow the droplet to naturally form upside down and then when it is just about to cool, press it lightly on the back end of your large crayon so that it has a flat round bottom. 
5. It is not necessary to fill in the space between the top and the bottom with crayon; the paper will cover this area. 

Step 5: Put on the Paper Cover

1. Cut out the paper cover to the right length. It should cover the area just below the top ridge and just above the bottom. Look at a real crayon and imitate the cover proportions used on it.
2. Prepare the paper by wetting it with water slightly and rolling it on a spaghetti strand. This will make it easier to use later.
3. Glue it on the crayon with the clear glue. 
4. Let dry

Step 6: Another Option: Worn Down Crayons

The benefit of making this kind of crayon is that you can actually use them to color really well. well as a tiny crayon can color.
I personally like the look of the worn down crayons because they are thinner than the sharpened type. They are also easier to create.

1. Break off a small length of the spaghetti
2. Drop a large droplet of hot wax onto one end and allow it to cool naturally so that it is round. Drop another droplet on to make it a bit larger. 
3. On the other end, drop a droplet onto to the end and allow it to cool a little bit so that it is round. Just before it cools completely, press it onto the flat side of the large crayon to make a round, flattened end. 
4. Create a paper cover to cover up the crayon. The cover for a worn crayon can be frayed or teared to show that it has been used. Make sure that the paper cover almost completely covers up both ends of the mini crayon. Glue the cover on with clear glue. 

Step 7: Finished!!!

Here are some pictures of my mini crayons. I just put all of mine in a tiny jar. One day, I am going to make them a crayon box. If I do, i'll add some more pictures and instructions here. I would also like to create a mini coloring book. I am currently creating a squirrel themed dollhouse/tree-house, and these crayons are for a miniature children's bedroom.



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this is soo cute! you have inspired me so much and I made tons of them, plus a mini crayon box to go with it!! thank you so much! you're so creative! <333

How cute and creative! Who would have thought that you could make mini-crayons from spaghetti noodles and old crayons?