This is a little project I wanted to do. I was inspired by the keyboard zen garden. Total build time was less than half an hour.

This is my first instructable and I welcome feedback! It's very easy to do with an old Saitek Command Pad (it's a programmable macro pad that came with my old keyboard). You can also just cut the numpad section off an old keyboard if you don't have an external pad.

I wanted to make a cubby section in the bottom of the pad, but I liked the way it looked without it. For the time being I'm not making a cubby, however, I included instructions if anyone wants to (it should be really simple).

Step 1: Materials

First off, all you really need is:
- Safety Goggles
- Saitek Command Pad (or some kind of numpad attachment for a keyboard)
- Some kind of cutting tool (I used a hand-held rotary cutter)
- Adhesive (hot glue works well because it's quick)
- Phillip's head screwdriver
- Sand
- Wire cutters
- Electrical tape
- Clamps

Remember, safety first! It's not worth losing an eye to a piece of flying plastic. Also, if you're using power tools to cut, you'll probably want to wear a face mask.
that it's a very creative use for office supplies

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