Picture of Miniature Desktop Zen Garden
This is a little project I wanted to do. I was inspired by the keyboard zen garden. Total build time was less than half an hour.

This is my first instructable and I welcome feedback! It's very easy to do with an old Saitek Command Pad (it's a programmable macro pad that came with my old keyboard). You can also just cut the numpad section off an old keyboard if you don't have an external pad.

I wanted to make a cubby section in the bottom of the pad, but I liked the way it looked without it. For the time being I'm not making a cubby, however, I included instructions if anyone wants to (it should be really simple).
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
First off, all you really need is:
- Safety Goggles
- Saitek Command Pad (or some kind of numpad attachment for a keyboard)
- Some kind of cutting tool (I used a hand-held rotary cutter)
- Adhesive (hot glue works well because it's quick)
- Phillip's head screwdriver
- Sand
- Wire cutters
- Electrical tape
- Clamps

Remember, safety first! It's not worth losing an eye to a piece of flying plastic. Also, if you're using power tools to cut, you'll probably want to wear a face mask.

Step 2: Take apart the pad

Picture of Take apart the pad
Take apart the command pad to remove the working parts, keep the shell for your desktop garden. Keep the numbered keys as your "Rocks" (or get actual rocks).

I'm still looking for something to do with the internal parts, so if I figure something out I'll post it here. Ideas are welcome.
lord_kian3 years ago
that it's a very creative use for office supplies