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This is my second miniature gun. See the first slide show for more information.

This gun is made entirely out of brass and solder except the handle, which is made of wood. It fires very small bullets that have quite a bit of power (see the video...) and is easy to reload.

This gun is about half as long as my first gun (the Hunter) and takes the same size cartridge. Accuracy is pretty good for something like this (you can actually aim at things!). In the video I shot the tube pretty close up, but you can shoot things at a distance with a little practice.


Don,t try this at home (author)2015-11-19

I see slot of comments below that will get all of you put in jail. Spring powered firearm is highly illegal. Probally talking 5 to 10 years in federal jail. If you use explosive propellent i fear you will get a even longer jail time. Dont post stuff on the internet that will get you in jail!!!

Don,t try this at home (author)2015-11-19

I see slot of comments below that will get all of you put in jail. Spring powered firearm is highly illegal. Probally talking 5 to 10 years in federal jail. If you use explosive propellent i fear you will get a even longer jail time. Dont post stuff on the internet that will get you in jail!!!

Don,t try this at home (author)2015-11-19

This sounds really illegal... I know i wouldnt wanna end up on jail over a firearm that small

explocivo12 (author)2014-12-06

how do u make it? i am not a pro so i cant download it can someone send it to me? my email is

shawntherobot (author)2009-10-04

finally i made it!!!!!!! i used an antenna fdrom an rc car for the gun and cartidges. now all i have to do is wait for my fuses to come in(i orderd them online).hurray great instructable

ummmmm how do were do you put the pellets in the cartridge or do you put them outside the cartridge

nepheron (author)shawntherobot2009-10-09

They go inside, and are kept inside with a small piece of wadding.

Phoghat (author)nepheron2011-11-02

instead of a fuze you might use a #11 primer for a black powder gun

shawntherobot (author)nepheron2009-10-09

thanks (now i will be able to destroy all of my enemys)muhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

nepheron (author)shawntherobot2009-10-09

Nothing more entertaining than shooting your enemies with minute metal fragments.

What did you use to cut your antenna?
I don't know what to use to cut it. I would borrow my dads dremel,  but he is out of cutting wheels.

to cut my antenna i just bent it back and forth ill it snapped. Then i used my pliers to open it back up into a circular form. You could probably just use a hacksaw if it was thicker if it is too thick my only other idea would be the dremel and buy some new cutting wheels. The inside barrel that doesnt move was already the right lenght when i pulled it apart from the rest of the antenna. But i have to buldanother one because it exploded when itried to fire it becuase i put in too much gun powder. will have to wait longer before able to post picture my camera broke while i was trying to make a video of it firing. Goodluck. ps dont put in too much gun powder.

Phoghat (author)shawntherobot2011-11-02

Small copper tubing cutter (available at hardware or plumbing supply) will work

nepheron (author)shawntherobot2009-10-24

Yeah. Be very careful and start with a tiny amount and work your way up until you find the perfect amount.

I don't want to bend it back and forth and try to reshape it. I'll figure out something.
I'll remember that.

I got it.
I drilled small holes through it almost all the way around, snapped it off, and filed it down.
i just realized that all the springs i have pushs out and I need a spring that pulls in. Well i do have some springs that pull in but they are from a trampoline so i don't think I can use that.

nepheron (author)shawntherobot2009-10-04

Sweet! I cant wait to see it. Thanks for the support!

shawntherobot (author)nepheron2009-10-05

ill post a picture as soon as i can

Ragnar_Svardfri (author)2009-10-20


nepheron (author)Ragnar_Svardfri2009-10-20

Thank you!

Ragnar_Svardfri (author)nepheron2009-10-20

I want to make mine out of an antenna. Will that work? And if it will do you know a good way to cut it without messing it up?

Phoghat (author)Ragnar_Svardfri2011-11-02

Back in the 50s we used to call a gun made from an antenna a zip gun

nepheron (author)Ragnar_Svardfri2009-10-20

Askshawntherobot .

He made his out of an antenna.

Ragnar_Svardfri (author)nepheron2009-10-21

I have a big box of fireworks in my garage. Could I use the fuses and powder from the explosives to make the cartridges?

nepheron (author)Ragnar_Svardfri2009-10-24

The fuses will work, but the fireworks are iffy (don't expect it to work. Explosions at this scale are hard to get with that kind of stuff). Just use 3 rounds of pop gun ammo. You know, the red ring caps in those kids' gun toys.

Missinthegrove7 (author)2010-01-12

is it safe to hold without burning your self

Probably, just the recoil on your fingers might suck

boomboy123 (author)2011-02-27

how do you make one btw i have subscribed to you

eggbert99 (author)2010-02-23

 loving your instructables. inspiring and creative. keep up the good work

Colonel88 (author)2009-11-29

Lol in the vid. Real pro would be to pierce it and the roll would still stand upright; like not move at ALL. My pneumatic crosman did that to styrofoam cups, but this is interesting.

nepheron (author)Colonel882009-11-29

The ammunition is very large (in scale) for the guns size. It's like shooting a marble out of a handgun. Quite a bit of surface area impact for this gun's size!

But if I used smaller ammunition... it might not pierce the paper.. :)

Kaelessin (author)2009-09-10

I must say that your projects are really inspiring . . . I made a pocket cannon and love that thing! I drafted up plans to make a miniature rifle with some modification on your mechanics and some strong deviations from stock design . . . I can't wait to put it together! Keep em coming man!

nepheron (author)Kaelessin2009-09-12

Thanks for the support! My future projects may include: a pocket sized pinhole projector, 2 dollar zen garden, 5 dollar solar gadget charger, crystal radio, miniature Chinese medicine cabinet, micro-sized Japanese kites, homemade berry ink, making sea glass from recycled glass, and metal casting. Its great to hear you like what I do! Nepheron

zipzapper859 (author)nepheron2009-11-16

you are really creative because i would really like to know how to make all those things. when you post the pinhole projecter please tell me because that would be soo soo much fun to have. just keep them coming and thanks

Kaiven (author)2009-10-25

Freaking amazing. I have been looking for something like this. Any chance on getting more details of the cartridges? or are they explained somewhere?

nepheron (author)Kaiven2009-10-25

That's great! I hope you are able to make one. Lurk around in the comments for a drawing of the cartridge. I'm pretty sure there is 2 diagrams floating around somewhere.

Kaiven (author)nepheron2009-10-26

Awesome. Now I just need to find a store near by that sells assorted sized hobby tubes.

nepheron (author)Kaiven2009-10-26

Ace hardware will sell that stuff a lot. look around and be sure to ASK someone or you may miss it. The hobby tubing display is very small and often has stuff on top of it (signs, plastic, ect).

Ragnar_Svardfri (author)2009-10-22

Do you think i could make it into a shotgun by putting multiple smaller pieces of metal in the cartridge?

nepheron (author)Ragnar_Svardfri2009-10-24

Yeah, that's exactly what I did. It's very effective...nice spray of material. I recomend using sand for the shot. At this size, metal or sand will accomplish the same thing (sand is way easier to come by).

absolute zero (author)2009-08-24

did you make the cartridges? an are they reusable? and also, if i made one do you think it would be possible to hold it while firing?

nepheron (author)absolute zero2009-08-26

The cartridges are aluminum and I refurb them after they've been expended. It's designed to be held. I don't hold it when filming because I'm trying to take a video and light it. Not enough hands! If you want some tube diameter information and a drawing, i could post it or comment it. Good luck :)

shawntherobot (author)nepheron2009-09-16

could you post what the fuses are made of and what you use in the cartridges also a diagram of the gun? please. ive already given your instructable a five

nepheron (author)shawntherobot2009-09-16

OK here you go. Its hard to make it easier to understand. 3d shapes in 2d, you know?

A) Chinese Visco fuse. $9.00 for 100 feat, or use the smoke-bomb fuse on commercial fireworks. (its the same thing)
B) A stopper in the back of the casing. I make them out of compacted paper (they don't need to be very strong)
C) Wadding made from cotton ball fluff (to hold everything in)
D) 4 Pop/cap-gun shots. Not 4 rings, but 4 of the little individual rounds.
E) Small spring that closes the hole the fuse sticks out of after burns past the outer part of the barrel.
F)The slide that spring (E) closes over the fuse after it burns past.
G) A stopper on the outside of the barrel that keeps the slide from falling of the end or getting the spring loose enough that it falls off (there is always tension on the spring, even when it's closed)
H) 'The pin that fits inside the back of the barrel. it mounts the gun into the stock.

It is really hard to explain, so ask any questions you might have.

shawntherobot (author)nepheron2009-09-17

thanks. this is a very detailed diagram. srry one more question what did you use to cut the tubing. i need to know so i can tell my dad what to use to cut it

shawntherobot (author)nepheron2009-09-18

thanks !!!

shawntherobot (author)nepheron2009-09-16

oh ya whats the tiger balm for

nepheron (author)shawntherobot2009-09-16

Putting on scratches and pains. I use the tin for AMMUNITION!!!

yogadavid (author)2009-08-25

hey you'll poke your eye out! ;)

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