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Introduction: Miniature Firearm With Easily Loaded Cartridges

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This is a tiny little gun I made on the 9th of August. It shoots teeny tiny lead balls made from solder...and shoots them HARD. This can shoot holes in copper flashing and go straight through cardboard boxes. The BANG in frighteningly loud and makes my ears ring for awhile. It also features an easily re-loadable cartridge.

The problem with most homemade cannons is that the hold the fuse enters is large enough to allow quite a bit of gas to escape and reduce the over all firing power. This gun has a unique mechanism that actually seals off the fuse hole after the fuse burns past a certain point. Very efficient and much more powerful than any other miniature I've made.

So far I've manufactured 3 kinds of cartridges. One is just a blank, another holds a single lead ball, and one shoots a bunch of tiny bullets (like a shot gun or something). The last type of cartridge is very effective at blowing MASSIVE holes in all kinds of things like paper plates and zombies.

The explosives used in the cartridges are made of the red powder in cap gun caps (potassium chlorate). Only 4 caps were used per bullet, and I'm probably going to reduce it to 3 because the gun is showing signs damage.

If you are making your own post-apocalyptic style mini-weapons, feel free to pm me with any tips or questions you might have.



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can someone send the instructions to me? i am not a pro so i cant download it. my email is

would it work if you filled the cartriges with gunpowder and some little pellets?

dude this is awesome I made a miniature musket pistols and it fires pretty well. nice ible btw.


The potassium chlorate is from pop-gun ammunition, so it's potassium chlorate with a LITTLE bit of phosphorus. Pure potassium chlorate should work just the same.

Pure potassium chlorate will neither burn nor explode. As you note, the mix in a cap contains phosphorus as well, which makes it extremely hazardous to handle. You'd be safer using the red tip material from "strike on box" matches, which contain potassium chlorate, sulfur, and gelatin; it's both far less sensitive and slower burning (less likely to damage your tiny gun or embed brass shrapnel in your body).

Ok well for those people on here who said this was illegal to make is full of it u can't go to jaili know because I am a cop and an ex marine so u don't have to worry because if it isn't shooting at least a 17 caliber shell it's not illegal and I've made 44 pipe guns and theve tried and failed to even get close to convicting me so keep on building

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Can you make instructions on how to make this? I'd enjoy this so much.

Another couple of questions...

1. Is the solder 60/40 rosin core Soldering solder, like the one you use to join electronic parts? Or is it special solder, made for connecting heavy duty metal parts?

I bought a butane torch, it gives out like a blue flame, like ALL blue, and now I need the torch. I'll try to make something like cowscankill's pistol, but with better machined parts and a not so fiddly trigger.

Note: If you live in the US, I already visited Lowe's and Home Depot (hardware warehouses) and they only have flexible copper tubing. I'm a "minor" and even I could bend it! They don't sell brass. If you live in USA, do you know any good chain stores where you got the brass?

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most regular "Hardware" stores have it. yea i know the "Home supply" stores like lowes or home depot are driving them out of business, but they are still around. u might have to drive to the "country" to find one tho.

 Answer 1)
Yes, it is just rosin core electronics solder. The rosin makes the solder "bead-up" better when you melt it on a brick or other fire-proof surface.

Answer 2)
The tubing can be purchased at many ace hardwares around the US. Also, anyplace that sells hobby/ model airplane/ miniature railroad stuff will probably sell it, too.

Good Luck!

Im not trying to poo poo your parade but I would make sure that this wouldent classify as a Any Other Weapon. The ATF in the US gets really picky about people making firearms that dont look like firearms. Heck they classified a shoestring as a machine gun once, so this little warning could save ya $100k and 10 years in federal prison. However a $200 AOW manufactures tax stamp would be required before contrstruction. If you were making a "muzzleloader" you would be ok since it does not use fixed ammunition.

 Look at my orange board. There's an instructable called 'pocket sized hand cannon' or some such :)