Miniature Folding Pocket Katana (gallery)





Introduction: Miniature Folding Pocket Katana (gallery)

I made an I'ble on how to make your own, here.

Please rate and vote! I also have a blog, here!!

A few of these are the katana I made in the 'ible linked above.The one with the longer blade and kanji is version 2.0.



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    Do you sell this?

    This is not really katana like at all. A Japanese knife is called a tanto. But I do not think this fits the definition of tanto. I do not intend to sound unkind.

    What's the blade made from?

    Have you seen the 'ible for this? In it, I make the blade from an annealed spring, then hardened and tempered it.
    I'm pretty sure there is a link in the desc.

    Oh, okay. I missed that. I saw the link to your blog and kinda got mixed up.

    Thought this was going to be really lame, until the picture loaded.
    Nice job and thanks for the inspiration

    Thanks, I'm glad you're inspired! If you make something cool, don't forget to post a photo :) I have a few pictures of katana model 2.0 on my how-to blog

    Yea checked them out too, shame about YouTube commenters huh, made a few planters out of glass bottles using a burning string technique that wasn't nearly as clean as yours

    I'm confused, why are you posting two relatively identical Instructables?