Miniature Folding Pocket Katana (gallery)


Introduction: Miniature Folding Pocket Katana (gallery)

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I made an I'ble on how to make your own, here.

Please rate and vote! I also have a blog, here!!

A few of these are the katana I made in the 'ible linked above.The one with the longer blade and kanji is version 2.0.



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    Do you sell this?

    This is not really katana like at all. A Japanese knife is called a tanto. But I do not think this fits the definition of tanto. I do not intend to sound unkind.

    Have you seen the 'ible for this? In it, I make the blade from an annealed spring, then hardened and tempered it.
    I'm pretty sure there is a link in the desc.

    Oh, okay. I missed that. I saw the link to your blog and kinda got mixed up.

    Thought this was going to be really lame, until the picture loaded.
    Nice job and thanks for the inspiration

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    Thanks, I'm glad you're inspired! If you make something cool, don't forget to post a photo :) I have a few pictures of katana model 2.0 on my how-to blog

    Yea checked them out too, shame about YouTube commenters huh, made a few planters out of glass bottles using a burning string technique that wasn't nearly as clean as yours

    I'm confused, why are you posting two relatively identical Instructables?

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    One is a gallery. I can't post pictures on the video ible, so i made a picture 'ible.
    Is that ok?