Make a Miniature Folding Pocket Katana (video)





Introduction: Make a Miniature Folding Pocket Katana (video)

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Ever wanted to have a samarai sword? Not willing to be accused of having a weird weapon obsession? Then the pocket katana is for you! Finally, a tiny sword that you can stealthily carry with you everyday and practice with at your desk. The ninjas would be proud of this secret weapon.

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This blade is great for shredding sheets of paper and showing fruits and vegetables whose boss.

If any of you miniature blacksmiths out there make some cool blades, send me some photos and we can trade :)
I have some high quality pictures of the finished blade here.



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    Just a question but is the right side of the blade sharpened. I use to take sword classes and the lower side of the angle is used to attack. You seem to have sharpened the side that faces the holder (if it was full scale) is it a mistake? or am I missing something?

    what happened to your website?

    For the same price, or a bit more, you can get 4 feet of new, unhardened 1084 barstock.

    whoa. anyway i could get one from you?

    If you want a knife similar to the ones I make here, google 'higonokami'. My design was inspired by the higo knives of japan.

    Sorry! I used to sell them on etsy, but right now I lack the resources to make any more :(

    If you use a sawblade do you have to temper it?

    It's a good idea to do so, however it isn't required unless you want a really durable knife. If it does get dull during use you could just resharpen it, which is why I don't always pay as much attention to heat treating blades that I'm keeping for myself. After all, it adds sharpening practice. If you don't have the equipment to keep an accurate temperature or are not sure exactly what temperatures are best for your knife, then you can either play it safe and leave it, or you can try to experiment and learn more about heat treating, it just depends on how much time/equiment/skill you have and what kind of knife/minisword you want to end up with. If you have any other questions I'll do my best to answer them, good luck if you end up trying this.

    Nice. The blade kinda reminds me of the Microtech Vector.


    I've made a couple of teeny tiny swords out of nails (I made an itty bitty old-timey hunting knife and I made a teeny tiny broadsword). making knives is always fun.