I love miniatures! I always had a plan of making a miniature garden and couldn't wait any longer. In this instructable I will show you how to make a cute mini garden in few easy steps. This could be a fun project to do in the weekends and I tried to make it beginner friendly, besides it doesn't matter if you're not an expert (neither am I), miniatures always turn out to be cute.

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Step 1: Materials needed

This mini garden can be made using easily available materials around us! To make this mini garden you'll need:

1) Flower pot of any size you want (It'll be the size of the mini garden),
2) Vining plant and a stick to support it, (Optional, but I thought it would look cute in the mini garden),
3) Twigss (to make the bench, table & fences),
4) Paper (to make tiny planters),
5) Thick paper (to make mini water can and bucket),
6) Scissor & ant-cutter,
7) Glue (white glue, hot glue or super glue),
8) Tiny plants (they grow around the larger ones, look around the garden),
9) Plants for the mini garden (money plants, succulent, preserved moss, dwarf trees etc.)
10) Anything you want to add.

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If the paper pots have no bottom then the plants can root deeper into the soil.
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yes, you're right.. I'v already replaced the tiny planters without the bottom :)
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so cute ! I very love miniature !!!
So cute!! I made one:)
Thanks! miniatures are fun to make :)
Me too! aren't they adorable!
A miniature garden will soon be in my home .working on it.great project and well made!
Wow, I hope you enjoy making it. post a picture when you're done making the garden :)
Hey congratulations on being a finalist in the weekend projects contest! I love this idea and with the summer sales starting I'm hunting around for things to create my own for my classroom (I will share pics since you are my inspiration) I'm thinking I might be able to make little ceramic pots for the potted plants out of the scrap clay I have laying around the classroom. :) Again well done and good luck!
Thank yo poofrabbit! I really enjoyed making this mini garden. Very happy to know you're making one, I'm sure you'll have fun! ceramic pots sound awesome! I can't wait to see your miniature garden, please do share a picture when you're done making it :) <br>Thanks!
Never heard of a mini garden. Love it!
Thank you so much!
This is awesome! cool idea!
Thanks! glad you like it :)
great idea
That a cool little garden
Thanks! happy to know :)
This is awesome
Thank you!
Great project! <br> <br>There's a site called Two Green Thumbs which is all about miniature gardens - they sell mini plants and accessories, from 1/4&quot; to 1&quot; scale - sadly, even those would be too small for my eyesight these days - I only go to the site to wonder at what can be done - and to wish ...
Thanks! <br>Just visited the site, it's great! I love miniatures, the smaller the cuter! :)
Awesome Job!
Thank you so much!
This has finally inspired me to go make a mini garden! Have always wanted to make one - and you made it so easily!
Thanks! you should make one very soon, it's fun and easy to make :)
You've got a fine garden going! I love it! Consider looking into bonsai techniques to allow your plants to mature and still keep them small, as well as learn more awesome techniques!Truly awesome looking tray garden you've got there!
Thank you so much! I've been thinking about learning the bonsai technique and hoping to do so in my next miniature garden :) thanks again!
Oh how lovely! Beautifully clean and crisp. If you'd like to see the ones I've made recently, check my blog: http://elowezil.blogspot.com

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