Miniature Garden in Nutshell





Introduction: Miniature Garden in Nutshell

Unique miniature garden, featuring your petite plants

displayed in half of a walnut shell.

Stand is made of foam.

Step 1: Assembling the Stand

To create the stand you'll need:

  • 6"x4" foam rectangle (I cut my rectangle from a longer foam ~ note: use the harder foam for easier cutting)
  • 2" diameter cylinder that you'll be cutting shorter cylinders from
  • your favorite color spray paint (I used gold webbing spray paint)
  • glue gun
  • knife, chef's and serrated
  1. If your foam rectangle is not 6"x4", cut one from a larger piece.
  2. Mark your 2" foam cylinder, so you end up with three 2" pieces and two 1" pieces.
  3. Using a serrated knife, slowly saw through the cylinder rotating to make sure you cut evenly.
  4. After you have cut your 5 pieces, make a small dimple at the end of each cylinder (this is where the walnut shell will be resting. You can use your nail to scrape a bit of the foam; no need to make it too deep.
  5. At this point, you should have a rectangle piece with 5 cylinders (3 tall, 2 short).
  6. Using the glue gun, glue the cylinders to the rectangle ~ tall in the back, short in the front.
  7. Spray paint the foam and allow to dry.

Step 2: Preparing the Walnut Shells

One way to split the walnut shell is by placing a chef's knife on the side of the walnut where you see a hairline crack along the seam and then using a hammer gently tap to start splitting the shell.

You will end up with some shells that will crack unevenly, but out of 12 walnuts you should be able to get 5 nice halves.

Clean out the walnut meat and scrape out any large membranes (you can also use sandpaper).

You can spray the inside of the shell with a lacquer to make it waterproof, though I did not.

Step 3: Potting Your Plants

Using your favorite miniature plants, plant each one into a walnut half.

Because the shell is small, you will have to water more frequently; you can also spray the leaves with a spray water bottle. Some plants you can nip the center of to keep short and bushy, others may need transplanting if they grow too big.

I bought some decorative moss and added to the corners of the display stand to dress it up.

Great to display in a window sill.

Enjoy your miniature garden.



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    What are the plants in the back? The two on the outside.

    that is brilliant! amazing job , thanks so much for sharing

    I'd like to make this with an mp3 player embedded in there so the plants could enjoy sum classical music endlessly and maybe keep them warm when it git's a little cold near that window sill yea

    gr8 job tyvm for sharing

    1 reply

    That sounds interesting!

    you could drill a bottom in the shells then put some dirt underneath for bigger plants

    1 reply

    Thanks a GREAT idea!! :)

    This is really cute and maybe even coconuts could work too if you wanted to put bigger plants in there

    1 reply

    Thanks! Coconuts would be great for larger plants ~ post a picture if you make one!

    This s a great idea. I just had to vote for you in the indoor gardening contest! I must try this later in the year for my mum, maybe for mothers day.

    4 replies

    Thank you so much!! Please post a picture when you make one!! -- btw, thanks for the vote too :)

    Is there possibly a substitute for the foam? It doesn't matter if there isn't; I'm sure I'll be able to get my hands on some soon!

    You can definitely use blocks of wood, but you would obviously have to use different tools to cut it and to scrape a little dimple where the nutshells would be resting (a saw and maybe a Dremel with a sandpaper head attachment to scrape some of the wood).