In this tutorial I will show you how to make a miniature Jack O' Lantern.

You will need:
1) Mandarin Orange
2) Chopping Board
3) Knife
4) Small scissors
5) Tea spoon
6) Glass, for discarding waste
7) Tooth pick
8) Tea light   

Step 1: Miniature

Use the knife to cut the top off the Mandarin, it is best to cut the least stable side of it so that it will stand up well.
Now use the back of the spoon to squeeze some of the juice into the glass, being careful not to get any into your eyes.
You may wish to lay down some news paper to prevent any mess. 
I made it (y)
<p>Second place in the 2012 Potato Challenge and Finalist in the Halloween Food Contest.</p>
I want to do this with LED tea lights, and hole punch string holes and put them on a stick so I've got a portable lantern <br> <br>so awesome
Do you mean to string lots together or have one on a stick on its own?
I mean have 2 or 3 on their own strings but the strings all on the same stick<br><br>Sort of like this guy, only instead of rattles, lanterns. And I won't hit people with it.
well unless they deserve it, or refuse to take their rightful place as king :-)
What a clever idea and it is so cute!
That's really cute, I'd eat the orange pulp as I hollowed it out. I love the photos with the candle inside.
This is great!!! You know, I think if you just leave this out, it will dry and then you have a whole other little orange jack do do fun stuff with....bet fire wouldn't be a good idea after it dried, but I'm sure there are others uses. :)
I could make bodies for them. <br>Do you have any ideas?
That would be cool, you might also be able to make several and make them into a wreath, if you used the battery operated candles you could even have them glow...or LED lights. They will get pretty hard after dried, so there are a lot of possibilities. Bodies for them might be pretty cool, you could make a headless horseman. :)
I love these, they're so cute. :) And you got amazing photos!
Soo cool! In one, the light shows up better. Did you dig out more of the orange to get that affect?
The darker one was a day older than the other so it had time to dry out, possibly making it darker. <br>I'm glad you like them! <br>

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