Miniature Krispy Kremes


Introduction: Miniature Krispy Kremes

About: Love making crafts especially miniatures for dolls. You can find all my craft tutorials on my Youtube channel - MissArtieCraftie

how to make mini krispy kremes and box, for dollhouses.



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    i use play dough too that is the only dough i have i will get clay soon!! :o)

    hmmm ....

    i thought you use polymer clay ?Toni ellison is sooo great with that

    i was just jealous with what she did because she does fantastic miniatures

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    i use modelling clay, air dry clay or play doh.

    ToniEllison has made miniature donuts and took a pic to put online and

    she had made krispy kreme donuts as well

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    i watch toniellison! big fan of hers. although i never use polymer clay in my tutorials, i always use alternatives.

    hey, I just wanted to let you know that when you add a video where the pictures go, android app and maybe ios app users can not watch the video.

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    oh ok, thanks for letting me know! i'm new to this