Miniature Lego Chess Set With Storage Drawers





Introduction: Miniature Lego Chess Set With Storage Drawers

Hello there,

A few people have asked me for instructions for my miniature Lego chess set, I thought I would post some pictures of it here along with instructions. I initially created it using various multi-colored bricks and then ordered the correct colored bricks through Bricklink. I have created instructions for it using Lego Digital Designer (as well as my YouTube tutorial video) Although the model is small, it's piece count is somewhat high (287 pieces) due to all the bricks needed for the chess pieces and the top of the game board. Buying it by the brick on Bricklink or through Lego's pick a brick service it would probably cost between $15-$25 usd. You dont really need to have all of these exact bricks to make it either, as the layers of the box can be made up of different combinations of bricks and plates to get the correct dimensions. Hope you like it! There is also a link to a YouTube tutorial video. If you cant stand my comical tutorial voice just watch with the volume off! I have recently started making my own Lego creations for the first time in a few years and I've forgotten how much fun it is! I hope to have some more creations to share with you all soon, stay tuned :)

-Craig Brousseau aka CrogDog



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    Awesome!! Its so tiny!! great job!

    Keep making more pls!

    This is awesome. I am going to have to try this to play with my son.