Miniature Machete


Introduction: Miniature Machete

This is a machete/Bowie knife I made after watching some you tube videos on homemade machetes The handle is made from a piece from a 2x4 The steel is from Home Depot To make it , first, I traced out the design onto the steel Then , I took my hacksaw and started to cut out the tang. After that I took out my file and started filing out a sharp edge. Next , I took a 2x4 and cut a price off that is the same length as the the handle and I split it through the middle. After that , I drilled out two holes through the steel and I nailed the two halves of wood together . Finally , I used a wood file to file the wood down to make a comfortable handle. I learned an important lesson while making this Hand tools take forever to use but they work really well. I'm planning on heat treating it later



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    You are going to have to remove the handle before you heat treat it.

    Um, cool and all, but it doesn't fit into the Make to Learn Youth Contest. Go read the rules, there are some questions to answer. Cool project though!

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    The people who are accepting entries for the make to learn to learn youth contest accepted it soo...

    Good Point. So, maybe it's fine.