Miniature Makeup Bag



Introduction: Miniature Makeup Bag

If you already made Barbie's makeup, (click here for the printable I designed) I'm sure the next item in her wish list is a makeup bag. This one is easy to make, no sewing needed, and looks amazing and the size is perfect for her makeup.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Fabric (I used some old pants)

Fabric glue



Low grip velcro (I got mine from a dirty diaper, check this instructable)

Step 2: ​ Cut

Cut a piece of fabric that's 9 x 5 cms

Step 3: Glue

With good sides facing, fold the bottom part so that only 1.5 cms

Glue only the top half of each side. (See the picture)

The bottom part fold it in the middle as shown in the drawing.

Turn it inside out

Step 4: Final Details

Glue two parts of velcro so that it can close.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Finally you can add some embellishments like this bow in made with yarn, or rhinestones.

If you want more DIYs and free printables visit my blog.



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