Step 2: Cutting and staining wood

Picture of Cutting and staining wood
I measured the size of the wood pieces that I would need by laying out the figurines. 
  • The floor is 10.5cmX2.5cm and 0.3cm thick
  • The two side pieces are 2cmX2cm and 0.5cm thick
  • The branches for the roof are 7cm long for each side (I used 4 branches per side to give the same width as the side walls (2cm) and one small branch 2cm long for the centre beam.
  • (Optional) I had originally meant to add a back wall as well but thought that it looked better without it.  This would be the same length as the floor (10.5cm) and wide enough to fit under the roof.
I then used a watercolour paint to stain the wood a darker colour.