I decided to build a smaller pan and tilt rig for my camera
In a future instructable i will be adapting the rig to hold a laser pointer with the on and off switch on the joystick
will post a video of it working in the next day or two

 - You will need a joystick (I have an instructable on how to build the one i used here)
 - you will need 2 motors that are geared down, i pulled mine out of two old floppy drives
if you have motors like i do you dont need much else.
 - also need a hot glue gun and a soldering iron
 - dead 9 volt battery
 - wire
 - 12 crimp wire ends
 - and if you want, some zip ties

Step 1: Motors

First you will need to mount a piece of metal that you can mount the camera to the tilt motor
Now glue the whole tilt motor to the gear of the pan motor

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Bio: I am a Senior in college studying Mechanical Engineering. My interests include woodworking, 3D printing, electronics and building computers
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