Step 10: Attaching the planets

Picture of Attaching the planets
This was the really tricky part. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to fit all of the planets into the bulb. I started by adding Mercury,  which was placed closest to the sun and near the top of the skewer just under the pedestal. I wrapped the wire around the stem, trimmed off the excess wire and tightened it with needle nose pliers.  I added Venus and Earth next and placed them further out.  At this point I could still fit the sun and 3 planets into the bulb.  With the remaining planets I had attached them while holding the planets in the light bulb. I did this by wrapping the wire around the skewer, trimming it and then sliding it up the skewer moving the planet into the light bulb and tightening the wire when it is correctly placed. Once all of the planets are on I slotted the skewer into the clock mechanism and put the battery in the clock. 

I wrapped a bit of wire on the base of the skewer to give it a bit more stability.  As you can see from the video the movement isn't very smooth, some times it skips or stalls and has an occasional wobble.
Exocetid2 years ago
Wow! Sort of disappointing. I thought the planets actually moved correctly like an Orrery. It is doable, inside the bulb, which is great BTW. Making it work would be non-trivial, but the gears would be for real. 

Concentric shafts is the key and construction not unlike a ship in a bottle.