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Introduction: Miniature Sweaters

I started knitting miniature sweaters based on Miniature Pullovers by Betty Lampen, and then I started designing my own patterns. They make wonderful gifts or they can be used for fund raising. These are designed to be ornaments rather than doll clothes, although I do tend to weave in all of the ends so they could be used for some dolls. I have been using size 0 or 00 needles for the ribbing and then anything from 1.5 to 3 for the body of the sweaters. These are made with Baby Ull (Dale of Norway) wool. It has been fun, and I'm working on an argyle pattern now...



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    Darling sweaters!  May I have the pattern pleease?  Or is it on the site and I am too slow to figure out how to get it?

    pleasssssssssssse?  share your gorgeous patterns????

    Theese are very sweet. Where can i find patterns to make them?

    Each of these miniature sweaters are just gorgeous. The designs are so colorful and beautiful.

    I've been wishing for more colors in the teal and aqua areas from Dale of Norway -- I don't think they've caught that trend yet. Otherwise, I have bought almost all of the Baby Ull line which also makes for pretty baskets of yarn! Thanks.

    Those are adorable! I love the idea of testing patterns without having to do boring swatches. ;)

    You are constrained somewhat by the 16x10 or 17x10 stitches for the front pattern, but it is surprising how much you can get in! Thanks!

    I just love being able to finish a project after a few hours -- you don't get that closure so quickly with other large projects! Thanks for your compliment!