Miniature Terrarium in a Light Bulb


Introduction: Miniature Terrarium in a Light Bulb

I have always loved Terrariums and things in miniature and I saw some pictures of other peoples lightbulb terrariums and decided to have a go at making one for myself.

I have attached a video in step one that shows the full process.

In this video I made the stand out of a piece of drift wood but I have also made them of aluminium and other materials. Its all a matter of the look you are trying to achieve. I think the wood gives a really natural effect to the display.

Step 1: The Process

Watch the video for the full process



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    Maybe it is because I am using the Instructables app but there is no video for me to watch :(

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    Ive checked it out on my pc and the video is fine. Here is the youtube link to the video,

    hope that helps

    Thanks, ive done other bases with aluminium but the woods my favourite