Step 8: The Bowl

The bowl sites at the bottom of the machine, so that all of the ball bearings roll back towards the wheel. I measured the space left over between the wheel and the front of the machine, this is the size of the bowl. Make sure that you mark a notch in the right hand side for the wheel cover, I forgot to do this, fortunately cutting it after carving didn't cause a problem. I carved the bowl using a 12mm Veiner to get the shape and a small almost flat gouge to smooth it out. Finally I sanded it smooth. It took me two tries to get this right, as the bowl needs to sit slightly above the holes in the wheel, so that the ball bearings just roll into them.
Way cool !! I love it. <br><br>My only contribution is that if you got a brushless motor controller you could eliminate the other motor and control the VCR head motor directly. With that circuit you could put in a great speed control and and adjust it on the fly for your mood or best performance.<br><br>I want to build one of these but maybe a tad bigger. When I have time and ambition at the same time I suppose :)
Very good work. I wonder if painting the surfaces where the ball rolls and painting the sides different colors would help the design stand out. But otherwise - good carving.
Thanks, painting it like you describe would make it look much better! I agree, but I couldn't get the ply smooth enough for painting, all the imperfections would show up badly .
you should use wet 'n' dry. <br>it is the black/greyish coiloured sand paper
That is really cool man. To paint it you could go over it with wood or auto body filler and sand it back, you'dt get a great paint finish on it.
You might want to try using some strategically placed LEDs (maybe the high intensity variety) rather than the boring diodes, they would still drop the voltage for you and make it light up as well!
Hey congrad's on winning!!!
wait........ if you need a usb cord with male and one with female, cant you just buy/get one cable, that has both ends and cut it in half?
yep. I had two though, one from a usb charger that and one from a phone charger. So I needed two cables.
great !!
you've got my vote!
hey no problemmm
Slow down the lift and add some more elements to the path. Then it would be very interesting.
this looks really hard
pure. awesomeness.
This reminds me of the <a href="http://www.dansdata.com/timemachine.htm" rel="nofollow">Time Machine Ball Bearing Clock</a>. I have always thought one of those clocks would yield a great set of gears, motors, etc. if I could find one at a yard sale on the cheap. I think most people just toss them when they stop working though. &nbsp;The link above has a great break down of how the clock works.
We had a Time Machine Ball Bearing Clock when I was a kid, we had a ton of fun watching the machine count time. It was so loud when it hit midnight and everything reset... good times!
its deadly i want one now its so cool
i love these things, i tried making one a few times but they all fell apart or just scattered marbles everywhere
Have you thought of a variable resistor as opposed to the diodes. Then you have more control of the speed.
either that or a voltage regulator. you can get some that are variable too.
Awesome Machine. What is being used to power it in the video? It looks like a small usb drive.
It's running off my USB port on my PC, the pen drive is to demonstrate that you can use the USB port too :) Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!
That is so cool.
That is brilliant well done! Now how ace would it be to open up a gift exchange package and find something like that inside! :D Welldone!
I LOVE IT! It looks very entertaining! I have recently done more wood working, and I think this would be a fantastic build! I would personally put a &quot;Y&quot; type divider so the marbles can travel two different ways. Maybe stain the machine also.
Love this! really neat....would be nice if the marbles were colored
I didn't think that I would watch the whole video, but somehow I found myself watching it several times! Very memorizing. Great 'ible! 5*!
Really neat... I really like your other instructables too... thanks
Very cool! simple to build and its mesmorizing. Great idea ill have to keep an eye out for a small motor so i can build it!
Your little machine is soo AmAzINg! I apsolutelly love it! It looks grate, it works so elegant, it sounds grate and it doesn't look so hard to build! Your machine is awesome ! rate ***** Thanks! :)
I approve! I think the sounds are relaxing. :P
cool and very clever idea!
How fun! I can stare at it all day!

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