Picture of Miniature Warehouse 13 Tesla Gun
Here is a tiny Tesla Gun from the TV show Warehouse 13.  It uses a burnt out christmas light bulb as the "vacuum tube".  If you want, you can attach a small ring or cord, like I did, so you can use it as a keychain.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
-old Christmas light bulb
-scrap pieces of sheet metal; I used aluminum
-paint: black and silver (bronze or gold would be better, but I didn't have any)
-JB Weld
-paperclip (optional, only if you want to add a cord or keyring)
-cord or keyring (optional)
-Mod Podge (optional)

-metal cutters
-wire cutters (optional)
-detail paintbrush (I used a toothpick, which worked fairly well)

Step 2: Cut Out the Metal Parts

Picture of Cut Out the Metal Parts
Cut the pieces of sheet metal into shapes like these.  They should look like the bottom part of the Tesla Gun, but one needs to have a rectangle on top about a half inch long and three quarters of an inch high.  This part will be wrapped around the "vacuum tube" to form the cylindrical main body.

Step 3: Prepare The Light Bulb "Vacuum Tube"

Picture of Prepare The Light Bulb
Pull the bulb out of the housing so that you just have the glass bulb with wires sticking out.  If you want to make it a keychain, bend a little loop out of paperclip wire, and tie the light bulb wires to it to keep it together for now. 

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
Take the two metal pieces; there will be a part that is the same on both of them. JB Weld these parts together so that there are two identical layers.  What you should have is a two-layer metal bottom part, with the rectangular part on the top. Take the light bulb, and apply JB weld to the part where the glass meets the paperclip loop.  Using pliers, bend the metal rectangle into a cylinder around the light bulb.  It should now look much like the Tesla Gun. Apply JB Weld to the outside of the handle and at the front where the end of the bulb meets the metal part.  Wait for it to dry.
westfw2 years ago
Cute. that'd be just about the right size for a LEGO "minifig", wouldn't it?
Good luck for the Pocket-Sized contest!
I also entered my miniature gun.
AmpOwl (author)  awesomecreations2 years ago
Thanks, good luck to you too! I read your instrucable and thought it was cool. It's fun to make things out of little household items, isn't it?
Sure is. Sometimes I just see a small object and think,"that looks out of place" or "that looks just like..." and I then try to make it into that.