Make a small musical instrument that really works from things you can find around your office! (By "really works", I mean that you can actually play simple tunes on it. I can play Mary Had a Little Lamb on mine.)

I'm sure this is going to be all the rage with cubicle-slaves (I mean "valued employees") across the nation. Depending on how bored you are, you can really waste your employers' time and annoy your co-workers!

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Step 1: Gather the Necessary Supplies

Go get the things you'll need:

-2 paperclips
-1 unsharpened pencil
-1 rubber band
-1 disposable cup
Eek, I'm lost. What's the second (large) paperclip for?
I used it to secure the rubberband from the bottom by poking it through and letting go
Thanks, this is *exactly* what I was looking for! I teach a small group of kids on Saturdays and was looking for a stringed instrument that could be made cheaply and wasn't too tricky for 3-7 year olds :D I think I'll sub chopsticks for the pencils though - cooking chopsticks have ridges round the end that should hold the rubber band in place without a paperclip armature. I guess if you had lots of time to kill you could use a marker and some experimentation to mark where to hold the string for different notes!
is it posible to add more than one rubber band to get the ral feel of a bass
you have no idea how mad my faimly is at you
lol u showed him this and hes annoying someone wiht it

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