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Miniature gas jet turbine 


galoo123 (author)2012-07-05

Hello can you post instructions on how to build this I don't understand the pics

i will post one of the instructions it will be up soon
are you trying to build one?

DUDE!! I am waiting for 5 years now when are you going to do video?

jompon2547 (author)alfred yoon2017-09-11


i am but don't understand the steps, a step-by-step or a video would be cool

alfred yoon (author)2017-02-15


williamT125 (author)2016-08-30

you said 5 blades, can you specify how many has the smaller blades and how many has the thicker blades???, Does it require the motor 100% of the time or is it only needed for the initial compression???

Thank you

DABOATS (author)2015-03-01

The pics are pretty self-explanitory, but can you give instructions?..

Maybe a video...

PS. I think your adding the fuel a bit early. Just a tip.

saifk (author)2014-04-10

Star316 (author)2014-02-07

Hi can you make a tutorial for making this thx!

mattxcox (author)2013-10-03

Will it blend? :]

mohitironman (author)2013-04-29

for more thrust use diffrent types of fule

stephenfitton (author)2013-02-24

Great start, even if it starts and melts, I would be interested in video,Interested pulse jet fan!

hellboy (author)2012-07-18

I have to see video of it running before I vote, I have worked on jet cat turbines, the tolerances and components required for a turbine to function not to mention temperatures and materials are complex and expensive..a few problems I see...Your intake is non existent, there is no ignition source, no chamber separation , I guess it all boils down to how you define what a functional jet engine is.... Not trying to be mean, just, need more proof. My friend B Wilcox managed to build a 2.5" kerosene turbine and the support equipment to run it alone took up 4 times the space the turbine in its test stand.
Again not trying to be mean just want to see it working, that's all...

The SuperNatural (author)hellboy2012-07-19

yes well bellboy I see that you know a lot about jet turbines yes and i also do as you mentioned there are no intake? well there is if you can see the picture closer there are square bits which is rotatable to change the airflow and also removable and the ignition source is taken apart i used a electric lighter igniter which is used for lighters and also some of the parts are missing because i shipped it and it got damaged on the way. and yes we need a combustion chamber and few more turbine blades. and also i used very little space as you mentioned that yours took up 4times more space. but i found all the small parts i needed actually which i handmade my self. and they are very cheap it can withstand the temperature and the force.
P.S i would like to see your friends jet too thanks
-The SuperNatural-

hellboy (author)The SuperNatural2012-07-19

Still with all the tabs open your intake orifice to exhaust is off, the exhaust end uses the Venturi principal to concentrate the output of the jet making the hole smaller than the intake, small jet engines use ceramic bearings due to the high temperatures, how hot and how long can you run it? Please post more pictures and definitely a video of it running...

The SuperNatural (author)hellboy2012-07-21

yes, again hellboy you are telling that my exhaust hole is too wide? you cannot see the whole thing form picture there is a big groove that centers all the thrust made by the jet and i also lost a part while moving to a different house. it is a little cap with four thin wire strips that can be placed on the exhaust hole to make the exhaust smaller which makes it give more thrust. I can run his mini jet for about 30 min non stop after that only the blades and the exhaust is hot because of the gas that ignited inside. well hope that helped you.
P.S I want to see yours
-The SuperNatural-

hellboy (author)The SuperNatural2012-07-21

Sorry made no sense, just post a video of it running to shut me up....and just to clarify your combustion is taking place within the jet and running for 1/2 an hour means its super efficient, must see video..... where does your igniter go?
And what temperatures are you talking about?
There are two that I worked with and they belong, as I said my friend Bob Wilcox, look him up, he's a jet guru and a good teacher.

The SuperNatural (author)hellboy2012-07-22

Well if you have seen the picture closely there is a moter that creates more thrust and speed and also I told you I ignite it with a electric lighter igniter. And sorry I told you the maximum time the maximum time is 30min and normal time it can run is about 15- 20 min yes it is quite efficient. And you also need to wait a bit because in the picture some parts are not shown which means it is damaged while being shipped or lost and now I live in a apartment so I might have some hard time making it back
I will finish it and upload the video in few weeks if I could
If you vote for me I promise you I will finish the jet and private message you and everyone else the jet operating
And remember the fuel used in this jet is not oil or anything else it is gas
And the temperature is very hot after running it for 30min i can't measure the temperature but it sure is hot
P.S private message me if you have any questions

sorry Hellboy wrote your name wrong

mbourhan (author)2012-06-30

Hi : This is really cool,
I'm Just checking on the correct angles of the compressor and intake turbines ??
Are they fixed (welded ) to the shaft,and if yes it looks like they will not produce any pressure since they are on the opposite direction.

please specify

as you can see the whole thing is very tiny so you don't need that much energy to run it and you asked that the angles are different? yes but they do create thrust because the whole thing makes pressure in the combustion chamber which i did not show but when its lit the combustion chamber and the other 3 blades power it and it is better to have one opposite direction for more thrust thanks and vote for me in the contest.
- The SuperNatural -

tstupple (author)2012-06-26

This is cool. you need to add a video to this post

thanks i think i am good enough for a 15 years old
and yes i will post a video soon

Please, PM me when done.

ok thanks and vote for me in the pocket sized contest thanks

Bongmaster (author)2012-06-26

and pics or vid of it working?

i want to show you but i have to find a ball baring to support it i will show it soon thank you Bongmaster
plez vote on the pocket sized contest thank you again

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