Introduction: Miniature Gun Model

Mini Gun Model made out of pine and a spent .22 magnum Brass.

Supplies needed
-.22 Magnum Brass Cartridge
- .5in x 1in x 4in Piece of White pine
- carving knive(s)
- various grits of sand paper
-some sort of glue, epoxy, cement

Step 1: Gettin Started

Draw out your stock shape on the pine and begin carving it into a rough shape with a small sharp knife.

Step 2: Finishing Up

Finishmthe shaping sand the stock to the feeling you like and put some Varnish to make it even smoother. Glue the Cartridge onto the stock with a strong bonding epoxy or cement


JM1999 (author)2014-10-16

I love the use of the bullet shell as a barrel, good job!

seamster (author)2014-10-16


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