Step 2:

- Cut up some news paper in to small pieces of paper and glue this, with walpaper glue on the toilet paper rolls.

- Cut thepieces of news paper in to smaller pieces of paper. Put the small piece of paper in a container and mix it up with water (you    can also do this with a blender). When you have a past of water and paper you can put some wallpaper powder in the mixture and stir this for a minute. Now you have a nice mixture to put on your pencil holder.

Note: This is not the best way to do it. I was just testing out some new things. This mixture takes about 4 to 5 days to completely dry and the past runs down. 
<p>i did it but it wont allow me to download the picture</p>
Looks so cool! I will try to do one myselfe
What a great idea! I love it!!
Brilliant and unique idea!
Yes! Thank you! Now I know how to make leaves on tiny trees :D
Great Project!
That's fair genius I'd say. Well done on the tree greenery! And I love the idea. I'm thinking I may have to make a full desk organizer like this now. It's simply irresistible! Cudos!
This is sweet. I like your whole concept. Thanks!
Could you add a &quot;bottom&quot; to some paper towel tubes and cut them a bit lower? Then use a plastic cup to put an actual plant in?
What a great idea! <br>I'm in love with models/dioramas and you made a functional use for them. <br>Thanks for sharing ;D

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