Miniature Model of the "mutoscope"





Introduction: Miniature Model of the "mutoscope"

Model miniature device which I will demonstrate is created from a small piece of plywood, four old curlers, the viewfinder of an old camera, a small gear and LED.

Plywood polished and cut your sketch. With glue collecting body. Old wooden rollers set on the sides of the body. In the small plastic gear stick small pictures - phase movement from a fragment of the film (1 second). A fragment of the film you are easily converted into 24 pictures that reduces the format and type. Gear picture located within the housing along the axis. The axis of the handle comes to the outside of the housing. Placed on the rear side inside the housing a small flexible strip of metal. This strip will slow shift of images. On the top of the viewfinder from the place of the old small camera to zoom. Then you cover the body paint and decorate decorative elements.

Patience and good luck to you!



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Unfortunately because of the music you have on this video it cannot be viewed in Australia.

Or in the United States.