How to create a miniature picnic table using only foil gum wrappers.
Materials needed: Fifteen (15) gum wrappers
Time and a little patience
Optional equipment: ruler, protractor.
Complexity - Low-Med

This is a cheap and easy way to make a miniature picnic table. This is suitable for a doll house or a knick-knack shelf. It's fun to make, keeps your hands busy and your mind engaged.

The cost is nothing because you just use old gum wrappers. The creation of arts and crafts out of recycled materials is part of the "Reuse" strategy that keeps resources in use instead of being wasted and polluting the environment. I don't know anywhere that actually recycles these wrappers, so reuse is especially important. You don't even have to buy and use the gum. You could organize a recycle effort of your own - many people would gladly donate their wrappers since they don't actually use them. Ask all your family and friends who chew to save them for you. Although this may not save the planet, it is a good use of available resources that would normally go to waste.
(ok - a stretch for being a green project - but i was able to get the color included thanks to Wrigley's new 5 gum. The product placement in this 'ible is not paid for by Wrigley, but I think they should - a lot!)
For many other ideas to reuse gum wrappers please see my slideshow:
Many uses

This is similar in construction of the TV Tray and Footstool instructables I published.
TV Tray

It ain't easy being green...but it is important!
Let's get started.

Step 1: Fold Sticks

If you've seen any of my other 'ibles, you know you're going to need to make sticks.
You will need eleven (11) sticks for this table.

Again, just fold each wrapper in half over and over the long way until you can't.
Then crease it with your thumbnail, fold, and roll into a cylindrical aluminum stick.

Here's a video of how I do it:

This may look tedious, but I find it kind of relaxing. I like to do this while watching TV or when I'm waiting on something like a flight. It's not too taxing mentally and keeps your hands busy. You know what they say "Idle hands are the devil's tools".

It took about 1/2 hour to make the sticks for this project.
The entire process probably took 3 hours. I'm hoping that with these instructions you could complete much sooner (and you don't need to take pictures along the way).
Too cool.
brilliant! just keep them coming, u mite get a gumwrapper medal soon! :)

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