Step 3: Create Your Own Cover

Most of the Covers can be found on the Cover Project (http://www.thecoverproject.net/index.php)

In case you don't find anything to your satisfaction, don't worry, there are other ways of obtaining Game Covers (Flickr, Google Images).

Another possible option is if you happen to own a scanner. That way just scan the cover and resize it to match the template.
Now to find someway to miniaturize PS2 boxes...
ps2 games are to big
Sweet! One of those days when I have nothing else to do I might as well do this. Thank you for a good Instructable.
If you want to save more space, without having to buy anything, you could always just glue the last two pages of the gamecube game's manual into a little pocket for the disc. The last pages of a manual are usually just for Notes so you wouldn't be ruining any valuable information and the discs would definitely fit in there since gamecube discs are so tiny. Save space, save time, save ink, save money! :D
But, but, that doesn't look as shiny as a small version of a big DVD case... T_T
Seems more practical to buy a bigger shelf lol.
Hahaha! Yeah, that would be an option, but like I already wrote, it's a very, <strong>very</strong> small apartment I live in. There's no room for another shelf &gt;.&lt;<br/>
Ha ha, must not of read that part. I skim most of these unless I really like one.
nintendo should just stay with cartridges... hah great instructable though, nice idea.
Thank you. Yeah, cartridges are definately more fun to collect than disks.
I'm fine with mine the way there are, but hey- nice instructable!
THanks, it's my first.
Awesome job! +1 =]<br/>
Thank you! :D

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