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You love your Gamecube Games, but they take up to much space in your shelf? Don't worry, for I'll show you in this Instructable how I solved my space problem!
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Step 1: Buying Mini-DVD Cases

Picture of Buying Mini-DVD Cases
You'll have a hard time finding them in stores, but thanks to the internet you can get about 25 of them for around 4 bucks or less. I got mine from eBay and they work great.

Step 2: Downloading the Template

The Problem I usually have when I try to create a custom cover is to make a template that has the actual properties of the case. I already went through the process of experimenting with different cover sizes to create one that works. Print size of the cover was 17,78 x 11,9 cm with my printer. Had to use Microsoft Photo Editor though, because apparently certain programs do not let you print in the exact size that you need.

All you have to do now is to download the basic template from above for and create whichever front/back cover you want. Do not forget to put the title or logo of the game on the spine!

Step 3: Create your own Cover

Picture of Create your own Cover
GC_Cover_CapcomVsSNK2 EO.PNG
GC_Cover_Gameboy Player.PNG
Most of the Covers can be found on the Cover Project (

In case you don't find anything to your satisfaction, don't worry, there are other ways of obtaining Game Covers (Flickr, Google Images).

Another possible option is if you happen to own a scanner. That way just scan the cover and resize it to match the template.

Step 4: Print the Cover on Paper or Photographic Paper

Picture of Print the Cover on Paper or Photographic Paper
You can print your Cover on a normal sheet of paper, but that usually won't give the glossy reflection (and smug satisfaction) original covers add to your gaming library.

I therefor printed my Covers on Photographic Paper, which happens to work better for me.

Again, print size of the cover was 17,78 x 11,9 cm on my printer.

Step 5: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
If you want to cut them out clean I recommend using a big ruler and a utility knife. Scissors are fine too, if you have calmer hands than me.

Step 6: Put the Cover in the Case

Picture of Put the Cover in the Case

And, minutes later, you're done!