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From the moment I saw the collectible Minifigures Series 1 advertised in a Lego Magazine, I knew I had to have them all and that if more series were made I'd have to have all those too! That was June of 2010, fast forward a bit and Lego is now selling Series 6 with 7 and 8 already announced for release this year. At 16 per series, that's 128 minifigs of all shapes, sizes, and colors!

LEGO makes a display carry case but it holds 15 minifigs. 15! Are you serious LEGO? 15?! I thought this was pretty dumb since they could sell them suckas like hotcakes if they could hold just one more and be compatible with the collectible series. What I wanted was a way to display the minifigs in a 4x4 format. I thought about buying a shot glass case but then I would have to figure out how to attach the baseplates to it so the minifigs wouldn't fall out. Suddenly it hit me, why couldn't I just make the whole thing out of LEGO? 

I got to work and soon realized that the easiest way to make a display case was going to involve individual modules for each minifig. I also realized that by making each module I could customize the color and pattern to the minifig being displayed in it. My initial goal was to have each case the color of the series, yellow for the first, blue for the second, etc. but I don't have enough in each color to do that yet. 

In the end what I came up with is a simple display module that is suitable as a stand-alone piece or combined with others to make a variety of display cases. 

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Step 1:

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What you'll need (per module):

-33 1x2 bricks
-a 4x6 plate
-the 3x4 baseplate that comes with the minifig (optional)

You'll also need a few more 1x2s if you want to connect the modules together horizontally. It takes three 1x2s to connect two units together. 
Jsquared241 year ago
I cant quite see, but does the karate minifig have one or two trophies?
monsterlego2 years ago
Heh, if i made one of these it would have to cover my entire wall. :)
This is accutually really neat, I mean, I have tons of 4x6 plates and lots of 1x2 pieces so, this is really handy! :D
sherrycayheyhey (author)  Elemental3142 years ago
Thank you! I like to make things out of lego that have a use and it's even better when I can use Lego to enhance other like with these display things lol.
No but srsly your welcome, i mean it, that's pretty creative! Trust me there are SO many things to make out of legos!!!!! And that's something "other" people just don't understand, that's the part that makes it fun! Legos can do just about anything, right?
Plus just about my fav. part about legos are the mini figures; I really like taking the really epic weapons from lego kingdoms, the awesome outfits and headgear from lego atlantis and lego starwars, then making cyber warriers and knights and stuff like that, and finaly I also just like collecting mini figures from those mystery bags!!!!!

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