Introduction: Minifigure LEGO Frame

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Here is a tutorial to make a frame representing a LEGO minifigure

All the explanations are showed and detailled in the video

Step 1: Step 1 : Print the Pattern

First of all you must print the pattern of the LEGO minifigure

Two options, A3 (1 sheet) or two A4 sheets.

Step 2: Step 1 : the Video Tutorial

In the video you will find all the different steps

An english subtitle is available in the youtube video


Super space ninja (author)2016-07-26


manuelmasc (author)2016-07-11

Very cool!! Voted

brad-y (author)2016-07-11

i did not make this bit it looks cool try it

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-07-10

Cool art piece

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