Minimal Crossover Vintage-style Camisole





Introduction: Minimal Crossover Vintage-style Camisole

T-Shirt Transformations Challenge

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T-Shirt Transformations Challenge

    Every girl needs a fresh and cool camisole in the summer, if adding the vintage-style, it will brighten your body.

    So the journey of transforming and designing of a old T-shirt begins.

    The crossover vintage-style camisole I designed comes out EU-style literary art, which is photogenic.

    It goes well with coat as well.

    Part list:

    • Your hand
    • Old T-shirt x1
    • Plain white cloth x1
    • Sewing machine x1
    • Ruler x1
    • Scissors x1
    • Pen (fade when exposed to water)
    • PINS
    • Button

    Step 1:

    • Have a old T-shirt ready.

    Step 2:

    • Draw out the shape of Camisolewith the ruler, and cut along the painted marks with the scissors.

    Step 3:

    • After having my old T-shirt cut.

    Step 4:

    • Have a white cloth ready,and draw two 4cm rectangle. Noted to leave 1cm in inside edge.

    Step 5:

    • Place the white cloth across.

    Step 6:

    • Sew the white cloth at the neckline by using sewing machine.

    Step 7:

    • Sew a length of round rope in one end of the cloth, and sew a button in another end.
    • Finishing touch.

    Step 8:

    • Finished 90% now.

    Step 9:

    • Sew a 140cm length of silk ribbon, and pin it to the chest with a pin or brooch.

    Step 10:

    • Done.
    • Does it look good?
    • Be a cool girl.

    Step 11:

    • Then i made a cool earring
    • Transform the throw-away plaid fabric T-shirt into an earring for girls.
    • Love the plaid cotton, love the Promostyl&Printsource, love the vintage-style. Love the lightweight and comfortable.

    Step 12:

    • Part List:Sewing machine x1
    • Scissors x1
    • Pliers x1
    • Transparent beadsPlaid Fabric T-shirt
    • Silver wire
    • Small iron ring

    Step 13:

    • Cut two small rectangle fabric separately.

    Step 14:

    • Stitches along the edge of rectangle fabric.

    Step 15:

    • Swing two fabric into irregular shapes as below, and sew the head side.

    Step 16:

    • Make the silver wire through the fabric, and create two small iron ring.

    Step 17:

    • String breads at both sides, and fix the breads with a small iron ring.
    • Then fix them together with an earring.

    Step 18:

    • Done!!!
    • Follow the steps and make another one, create asymmetrical better.



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      Awesome! I want to make this, but can you please take a picture of what the back of the finished Camisole looks like so it's a little bit easier to follow along? Thanks!

      Thanks. Actually you can see the step 8, the picture shows the back of the finished camisole, it looks the same with the front.

      Oh I see now, thank you!

      Nice piece of T-shirt with such a fabulous design!! Good job girl!!

      It's maginficent!!! You got my vote!

      I wanna make couples one , tech me :)