Minimal Float Wall Desk - Quick Make-over for Mass Production or DIY





Introduction: Minimal Float Wall Desk - Quick Make-over for Mass Production or DIY

Case Study on “Design for the Real World”

“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive”
~ Coco Chanel

Just found this desk today on the internet and suddenly had the immediate impression, that this is in fact some fancy device, but only needs some tiny but serious changes to make it a relevant and working product for the masses. Which would truly mean, that this design could be produced from now on by nearly everybody on his own, hence:

Democratizing design = NO BUSINESS ;)

Wanted to create some awareness for some almost forgotten democratic design approach beyond all contemporary fancy, short minded and manager/revenue driven product designs —but rather to re-establish a design for the people, a concept that was first introduced in the seventies by design thinker and bestselling author Victor
Papanek in his book “Design For The Real World”



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    Do you have the step by step tutorial with measurements and everything else needed to do this project?