Introduction: Minimalist 3D Using Profiles, Plate & Tubes

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This occurred to me, why waste time and Printing Material, printing 100% of a Prototype, when you can use ready-made stuff for the structural parts?

Leave the printing only for what's REALLY needed, like the moving parts.

I'll use here this Minimalist version of my ElastomatiK Rubber Band Gun, using 20 mm Diameter PVC tubing, but it's obvious any other Project can benefit from this shortcut...

Step 1: 100% 3D'd Vs Partialy 3D'd

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For comparison, here's the thing all ready to be printed, shameless plug, here's the link, For sale on Sculpteo , and we go from here, to a minimal version of this.

Now, the same basic design, but Minimalized?

Figures won't lie, form 12 to 7 Dollars reduction in price!

Step 2: Boolean Cutting and Hollowing

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Here's the start of the process, just hack away all the blurb, and hollow out some space for the tubes to fit.

Step 3: 3D Program's Cutting Tools

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See the Cube, and the Cylinders? Just do a Boolean Operation, Subtraction, and subtract a cube, overlapping the space you want to hack, from the original Object.

Step 4: Final Tooling

Picture of Final Tooling

Now, for the Barrel, unneeded parts cut, hollow out a space for the tube.

Step 5: How It's Going to Be

Picture of How It's Going to Be

All other stuff subtracted, THIS needs to be printed.

Step 6:

Picture of

So, you just 3D Print the Orange parts, and plug them around those 3 portions of PVC tube.

Align, glue, presto!

You've saved a lot of time, and Material, that way


WoodCrafts 67 (author)2016-06-22

Nice One Mate. Great Instructable. Voted.. :)

Edgar (author)WoodCrafts 672017-07-17

Thank you!

Edgar (author)WoodCrafts 672016-06-22

Thank you! :D

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